Google I/O 2013: Google unveils beta testing and staged rollout for apps

Google not only introduced Android Studio, a new development suite to make coding easier, it also added some improvement to its Google Play developer console that’ll make it easier for developers to rollout and monetize their apps. One of the biggest enhancements is the support for beta testing and staged rollouts from within the Google Play framework.

These features will let developers beta test their app without having to sign up for a third-party service like Hockey App. They can issue betas and control them from within Google Play. When they are ready to rollout their apps, a staged rollout will let them release the app to groups of users at a time. This is perfect for developers who have a backend server and want to control the number of users so their server doesn’t get swamped.

Google also introduced an app translation service; metrics and referral tracking; and improved revenue graphs to the Google Play Developer console.

[Via Google]

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