Google I/O 2013: Google updates Google+ with related hash tags, new Hangout apps, more

Google is updating its Google+ social network with more than 42 new features. Most of the features are designed to improve the overall user experience and include:

  • new hangout applications that let you save each conversation as a history and sync notifications across devices so you can dismiss a notification on one device and have it disappear on another. Available on web, iOS and Android today
  • Improved photo sharing and processing that automatically enhances your images on the fly
  • newly designed news stream that features a completely overhauled desktop UI with a multi-column design
  • Photos and videos that span multiple columns
  • animations to improve experience
  • related hash tags that’ll analyze the content of a post and apply appropriate hash tag. Each hash tag is clickable and will bring up related content. Optional for users to enable.

Google will rollout most of these changes to Google+ today.

[Via Google]

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