Google I/O 2013: Glass Will Get Facebook, Twitter, and More

While currently only Path and The New York Times have third-party apps out for Google Glass, many more are on the way. Today at Google I/O, several new apps were announced. Dubbed “Glassware”, these new apps will use the Google Mirror API to create experiences tailored to users of Google’s cyborg tech. Among the new apps announced are social networking giants Facebook and Twitter, short format blogging platform Tumblr, fashion magazine Elle, news network CNN, and note taking and archiving app Evernote.

Google  made the announcement in its “Developing for Glass” session today at Google I/O.  At the event, the Glass Developer Kit (GDK) was also officially announced. The GDK will come with an updated Mirror API set that will allow apps that can function completely independent of an internet connection and with direct access to the device’s various hardware features. This move opens the floodgates for Glass development, and guarantees we will be seeing a bevy of new Glass apps in the future.

Google sharing it’s API with Facebook is an especially interesting move, considering the beefed up Google+ it unveiled yesterday. The New York Times reports:

“So far on Glass, photos are shareable only through Google Plus. With the Facebook app, Glass users will be able to share photos taken with Glass on Facebook. Twitter’s Glass app lets people tailor their stream to only receive posts from certain people and transcribe new posts using voice. Tumblr’s app shows a user’s full feed or just select updates.”

So be on the lookout for a bunch of new apps coming your way, Explorers!

Below is a screenshot from the Google Glass Twitter app:

[Via: The New York Times]

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