Rumor: White Nexus 4 Coming With Android 4.3 for $299 on June 10th?

While we didn’t see any substantial Android updates or a new Nexus phone at Google I/O yesterday, Android and Me was able to get its hands on the elusive white Nexus 4. Spec wise, the white Nexus 4 is the same as the black Nexus 4, and it will be available for purchase in the Google Play Store on June 10th. Rumors also suggest that the unit will come touting the new version of Android, Android 4.3. We may see Android 4.3 roll out to other Nexus devices upon the release of the white Nexus 4, but still don’t know for sure.

We are still not sure what to expect from Android 4.3, and we will most likely not see any huge major improvements over Android 4.2. The Android 4.3 update will most likely include bug fixes and speed improvements, and support for Bluetooth Smart.

The white Nexus 4 is expected to be sold on June 10th for $299.

[Via: Android and Me]

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