iOS 6 gets green light from the US Defense Department

Good news for Apple as the company’s iOS 6 software just received clearance from the United States Defense Department. This undoubtedly sets the stage for the iPhone and iPad to become standard commonplace in the hands of workers in the Pentagon.  This comes to no ones surprise, considering how the approval of the DoD has been rumored for some time now. Apple’s iOS 6 joins Samsung running the Knox security suite and BlackBerry 10 devices.

The government looks to be just about done with those obsolete BlackBerry 7 handsets that’s grown synonymous with the image of public figures. Now if only stock Android could join the party.

[Bloomberg; via engadget]


  • The U.S. government just wants to ”boost the market” with already popular handsets, they don’t look at the supriority of the hardware or software, just at what is already popular, Blackberry is a fine example of that, of-course once Windows Phone has reached this level they’ll opt for that (which is actually the better O.S.).

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