Men’s Room Mayhem to ‘Release’ for PS Vita

The restroom is as much a part of life as the office or the kitchen, but it never seems to get the focus it deserves. There are strategy games out there for all manner of workplaces, from rail yards to roller coasters, airports to aquariums. But the humble restroom, a place we all visit daily, is always glossed over in the shuffle. “Where is Restroom Tycoon?” you might ask, “When can gamers get their hands on Toilet Titans or Legends of the Stall?” It’s like the gaming populace is banging on that door, anxiously awaiting their turn.

Wait no longer, my friends!

Men’s Room Mayhem will offer you the relief that you need and wipe away your worries. Releasing today for the PS Vita, Men’s Room Mayhem will only run you $1.99 in the Playstation Store.The gameplay seems simple enough to learn but should offer piles of complexity down the road. You guide the desperate men through a crowded restroom, trying to get each of them to their respective toilets. Fights can break out if any of these full bladdered fellows collide, and restroom cleanliness is a constant concern as well.

It’s a brave new world of bathroom centric products, folks. Developer, Ripstone is on the cutting edge, pushing the limits as it were. The company also has a contest running on its site for a Vita and a copy of the game, and it’s in the same toilet humor vein.

It’s similar to other simple, touch screen strategy games such as Flight Control. But the restroom setting is a hilarious gimmick. Vita owners, pick this one up. The rest of us (or at least those of us with a juvenile sense of humor) will keep hoping the game flushes on down to mobile. Check out the trailer!

[Via: Playstation Blog]

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