Two New Cheesy And Odd Sony Ads Showcase Xperia NFC Capabilities

Sony’s latest flagship smartphones and tablet lineup is certainly the best we’ve seen from the company in a long time. We’ve seen some great videos that the Xperia Z can take from a trip to India, and much more from the new device, but Sony’s latest ads are — interesting.

The two ads you see below have a focus on NFC, which isn’t terribly surprising. Sony has quite a few connected accessories that establish Bluetooth connections via NFC to make your life a little easier, all of which work very well. That said, after seeing the two ads, you might be left with a big feeling of “Huh?”.

Surely aiming for warm and heartfelt, the ads are a little bizarre and a tad ridiculous. It doesn’t really matter, though. Sony showcases the NFC capabilities of its Xperia devices and its connected accessories well enough. Still, you might be asking yourself a few questions after you’ve seen the videos below, like, why in the hell does the 20-something barista have a photo of the two rivals as children on her phone?

Beyond the cheese and oddness, the ads below are almost cute. Take a look below.

[Via: XperiaBlog]

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