Sony’s Kaz Hirai says PS4 is ‘first and foremost a video game console’

Sony’s Kaz Hirai wants us all to be clear on one thing, the PS4 will be a gaming console first. In a minor dig at Microsoft‘s Xbox One, Hirai focused on Sony’s gaming first philosophy with the PS4.

Hirai told reporters at the D11 conference today:

“The most important thing we need to do is agree and understand that the PS4 is a great video game console that appeals to video gamers,” Hirai said. “If we miss that part, I don’t think we get the initial establishment of the console. That formula has worked for us with all our consoles, including the PS3.”

However, he did say that Sony would reveal more of the PS4’s other functions at the company’s E3 event on June 10th. “Providing other non-game content is an area we will reveal and talk about in the coming months, but its first and foremost a video game console.”

Sony focused on gaming in its reveal of the PS4 last February. Its main competitor, Microsoft, chose to focus on the Xbox One’s media center functionality. Microsoft has stated its upcoming E3 presentation will be gaming centric, owing at least somewhat to the gamer backlash over the lack of gaming content in its recent reveal. Perhaps Sony’s press conference will be the opposite, focusing on the PS4’s non gaming features?

We’ll have to wait and see. But Hirai’s comments are heartening to gamers who felt left out of Microsoft’s Xbox One plans (so far). A lot can happen in a press conference and both companies have fortunes riding on these systems.

[Via: The Verge]

  • Roaduardo

    Thank you! I lost count how many times I heard “TV” during the Microsoft event…

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