How Mobile Apps Have Changed The World [Infographic]

There is no doubt that apps have changed the way we live our lives, and the way that we interact with our environments. A new infographic titled “Global Mobile Apps Statistics” shows us just how many apps are out there, and how many people are consuming them.

The Apple App Store leads in the number of apps available, with an impressive 850,000 apps, followed by the Google Play Store which clocks in with over 800,000 apps for the Android platform. The Microsoft Windows Phone Store comes in third with 145,000 apps available, and BlackBerry’s App World taking up the rear with 120,000 apps available.

Direct revenue from app sales in 2011 is estimated at around $7.3 Billion, and expected to reach $36.7 Billion by the year 2015. With the continued popularity of tablets and the proliferation of more affordable smartphones to emerging markets, it is clear that apps are here to stay.

How Mobile Apps Have Changed the World
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  • Mahesh Ramachandra

    Only 500k downloads from the Windows Phone Store? Are you sure about that?

    • bary

      Seems to be right surprisingly.

      • Mahesh Ramachandra

        If Windows Phone market share is 4% – 5% of the US smartphone market, then this is an extraordinarily low number.

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