Where’s my Nexus 10 keyboard dock? Or any dock for that matter?

Where's my Nexus 10 keyboard dock?

You may know that the Nexus 10 comes with a Pogo port at the bottom which as far as Google (or that’s Samsung) is/are concerned shouldn’t be used at all. Sure, you can grab a third-party Pogo charger, but where’s my dock? Heck, I don’t want just any dock — like the one that was revealed (though never released) in last year’s holiday video — but a keyboard dock that would effectively convert my Nexus 10 into a laptop a la Asus Transformer Pad series.

The port is there and I’m sure it can be done, so what’s wrong? Why can’t we buy a Nexus 10 keyboard dock? One would assume Google has moved a critical number of Nexus 10 units to justify some company (Samsung?) to make such an accessory. Or did it? Google doesn’t share its Nexus numbers but I would be surprised if the 10-inch tablet sales haven’t reached the tipping point. Perhaps I’m wrong… I just want to get that keyboard dock already.

So I decided to write this short rant on the subject, hoping that Samsung, Google or some other company launches something like that. I’m pretty confident I’m not the only one craving for it. Nexus 10 users out there – what do you say?

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Good point. If it already has a Pogo port, it should be put to a great use…

  • ksabee

    Really sucks that neither Google nor Samsung seem to care much about providing extra support/accessories for the Nexus 10. A neat simple plastic overpriced cover shows up half a year later, no sign of any accessory for the pogo pin :@

  • Bruce Hackler

    I bought a Nexus 10 the first day they went on sale and I really love it. That being said I would never recommend this tablet because the lack of accessories. If Apple comes out with a must have Ipad this year I will probably switch back to Apple.

  • LOUinNYC

    Google has never been good with accessory releases. They really need to get better at this. The galaxy nexus had a pogo charger that was released months later and often sold out. The Nexus 4 wireless orb was released way after launch. The nexus 10’s case that was used to demo the tablet by Matias Duarte released about a month ago.

  • skautat

    I would never buy nexus 10 if I’d know – they will forget about the costumers (charger or cover only its a joke)…

    • Wayne Margot

      I regret buying the Nexus 10. There are no accessories. I like the unit but no accessories.

  • Nick V

    I actually want to buy a Nexus 10, but won’t because of the Dock. I have been using ASUS Transformers for a couple of years, and cannot/will not go without a dock. Not that I use it all the time, but when I am working on something, or writing, that dock is awesome.

  • Roaduardo

    Has anyone offered a reasonable answer to why Google/Samsung has not released the number of accessories similar to the likes of the iPad?

    • bob

      Not possible. There is no reasonable answer

  • Miguel

    I would love a keyboard case! But I’d rather have a firmware update that gets rid of occasional lag and reboots.

  • Atticus Daniel

    Hell yes, where is it Google? I just broke down and bought the third party pogo charger. But what I really wanted was the dock since day 1. There was an article that was speculating Google only sold 680,000 Nexus 10s. That was based off some funky projection that I found hard to believe. But maybe it’s true? I don’t know.

  • Mike Rogers

    I’m waiting patiently for the dock… It’s not a big deal for me. I would rather see more apps that optimize the 10’s awesome screen.

  • ddhrycyk

    I love my Nexus 10 but am disappointed at the lack of accessories as well. It has been a challenge finding anything stylish to dress my tablet. Also, is there such thing as a quick a/c charger?

  • Glenn Bolton

    Yes.. Accessories are sorely lacking. For such a great piece of hardware And Software, Google is missing the opportunity for a great customer experience. Hopefully a third party vendor will step up. I ordered the pogo plug charger and love how much faster it charges.

  • Michael

    A lot of people i know wont get the Nexus 10 because of the lack of Accessories! Step it up. If you want to make money and please people, create those accessories.

  • Steven

    I want the charging dock/stand. Give me the charging dock/stand.

  • Marinperez

    Wait, people have a Nexus 10?

    • Jack Keynes

      Wow, what an uninformed comment.
      I saw two of them on a recent plane trip, from Washington to Chicago. That’s one more than the iPads out there.

      • Marinperez

        Nah. Maybe 500K Nexus 10s vs. 19.5 million iPads last quarter.

        • beeh

          and you’re a mod..’

  • bob

    Accessories for the Nexus line never appear until the device is 6 months old. I have had three nexus phones, and this has been the same with them all: No desktop dock, and no car dock!

    I’m jumping ship from the Nexus line as I can get the latest Android version a couple of months later if I but a popular device from a ROM developer, but if accessories never appear…

  • I came across this article while searching for one, I hope that answers your question

    • Ben

      no link to article? 🙁

      • He means the article you’re reading right now. 🙂

  • Mister Horsey

    You ever suck off a horse?

    • VocalVirgo

      I have. It leaves stretch marks around your mouth. Not recommended. Plus, the horse never warned me he was about to c*m, so, I got quite the surprise.

  • Jillxz

    I really don’t understand why someone gets a 10 inch tablet and wants a keyboard dock to turn it into a laptop. Shakes head and rolls eyes.

    • E. L. Lotecka

      I like the features on on my N10, but at times want to have a docked keyboard that is better for typing. It is a shame that there is none in almost a year. Are you listening Google?

    • wuxiekeji

      Some of us want a ultra-slim laptop with 10 hour battery life that has a touchscreen, runs Android, and has built-in GPS. To my knowledge that doesn’t exist.

  • WeNeedADock


  • Michael Gaoghagan

    A nice magnetic keyboard like the Surface has would be perfect.

  • tobybosy

    Has anyone tried the keyboard dock available online for nexus 10 which also suits Samsung galaxy tab 10?

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