Shazam comes to Windows Phone 8

Shazam comes to Windows Phone 8

Shazam is now available for Windows Phone 8 devices, allowing users to discover new music while on the go. Not only do you get unlimited tags to identify any song in seconds, but also the ability to quickly buy that tune through XBox Music or Nokia Music (for Lumia smartphone owners), see the song lyrics, and read music reviews and artist bios. In addition, there’s the second-screen experience for TV shows and ads, as well as the ability to share things you (don’t) like via Facebook and Twitter. The best part – you can start Shazaming right from the home screen, presuming you pin the tagging button to your home screen (where else?). 😉

Finally, if you *really* like some artist, Shazam can help you use cover art from his/her album as a lock screen background. Alternatively, there are tag charts that can serve the same purpose.

Shazam is available in two flavors, the free version and the more advanced – Shazam Encore, which costs 6 bucks. Personally the free app fits my needs, but then again – I’m not discovering new music on a daily basis. See which of the two versions works best for you…

Shazam (FREE) [Windows Phone Marketplace]
Shazam Encore ($5.99) [Windows Phone Marketplace]

  • Aka Aka

    Wow this is late to the call Shazam has been available for WP8 as an offical app for months now….

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