iOS 7 to include AirDrop wireless file sharing among Apple devices?

Apple is testing a new feature for iOS 7 called AirDrop which would act as a wireless fire sharing solution across Apple devices, according to a report. AirDrop is already a feature on OS X that allows for drag-and-drop file sharing among nearby Macs.

AirDrop would appear as a new icon in the Share menus on iOS. Tapping it would allow users to share files between nearby iOS devices. The main difference between AirDrop and iCloud syncing is that AirDrop allows for sharing between devices owned by two different people, rather than just sharing among your own devices. It’s unclear whether support to share files between an iOS device and a Mac is included too. WiFi does seem to be a requirement to use it, meaning you can only share files with people connected to the same network as you.

This might sound a tad familiar if you read the rumors for iOS 6 last year. Apple was apparently testing AirDrop for iOS 6 as well but ditched it at the last minute. It’s possible if development isn’t completed in time, it might be scrapped again for iOS 7.

In addition to AirDrop, iOS 7 is rumored to have a brand new “flatter” redesign to the UI, improved navigation within the Maps app, and Flickr and Vimeo integration. Those would appear alongside AirDrop in the Share menus as well.

WWDC 2013 is just a week away, so we’ll find out then if AirDrop made the cut for iOS 7.

[via 9to5Mac]

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