NVIDIA Showcases DirectStylus Technology for Tegra 4

By now, you’ve probably heard about many of the features offered by NVIDIA’s upcoming Tegra 4 SoC, but the company announced some interesting new capabilities that can be utilized with its latest processor: DirectStylus technology.

NVIDIA’s DirectStylus technology allows for the user to change the width of a drawn or written line by the amount of pressure applied by a passive stylus. This functionality normally requires a stylus with a digitizer, making NVIDIA’s solution cheaper than what’s currently available today.

NVIDIA CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang demoed DirectStylus at Computex, showing extreme precision with a basic stylus.

“NVIDIA DirectStylus technology applies the image-processing power of Tegra 4’s GPU to analyze data from a standard touch sensor and recognize the difference between fine-tip stylus, finger, eraser and palm.”

The technology offers a smooth experience for even the most simple and basic stylus pens. From a business perspective, this could save manufacturers money by not requiring stylus pens with a digitizer. (For reference, a replacement S-Pen for the Samsung Galaxy Note runs for $30.)

For more information on NVIDIA DirectStylus, be sure to hit up the link below!



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