That’s Cray: Jay-Z May Sign $20 Million Deal With Samsung

2013 has been an interesting year for celebrities and mobile companies. BlackBerry scooped up Alicia Keys for its creative director, and Jennifer Lopez is backing Verizon’s new Viva Movil. Now the New York Post is reporting that the blinged-out Samsung will be striking a $20 Million deal with the CEO of the R-O-C, Jay-Z.

“The eight-figure deal will be inked in the next few weeks, and is the biggest of its kind. You can speculate that he’ll want to develop some kind of new music-streaming service to promote his acts and music on mobile devices.”- Source from The New York Post

What could become of the Samsung Jay-Z deal is still unknown, but could be a variety of things. With Samsung’s domination in the Android device market, it hardly needs a celebrity to sell its devices, but it couldn’t hurt. The deal could also point to a streaming music service, or exclusive rights to the Jigga man’s content. Or another creative director? We just may see when Samsung dusts its shoulders off at its June 20th event.

[Via: New York Post]

  • cenwesi

    What a bunch of crap. Seriously how is this really going to help anyone.

  • Roaduardo

    I don’t see a problem with this. Celebs slap their name on all sorts of products. Just as long as we can still get the same great mobiles from Samsung in the future, Jay-Z can crack corn and I wont care.

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