T-Mobile Could Be Boosting LTE Network With 4×2 MIMO Technology

T-Mobile is reportedly boosting the performance of its LTE network by adding more antennas soon, according to a report from GigaOM. T-Mobile will be utilizing 4×2 MIMO antenna technology to boost its network, which will double the number of antennas, as well as data transmission paths for LTE data. The rollout is expected to take place over the next twelve months.

“We have a very good handle on what 4X2 MIMO can do for us, and we’re one of the few that are in a position to use it.”-Mark McDiarmid, T-Mobile VP of radio network engineering

The technology will not increase the maximum speed of T-Mobile’s network, but will provide users with a better link to the data network, ensuring that users at the edge of a coverage zone will have robust LTE coverage.

T-Mobile is staying mum on details of the rollout, but is acknowledging that the technology is a possibility for future network upgrades.

[Via: GigaOM]

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