WWDC 2013: Apple makes big improvements to Camera, Photos in iOS 7

At the WWDC 2013 keynote today, Apple announced some new features to both the Photos and Camera apps in iOS 7 that are taking each to the next level. The Camera app gets some new Instagram-esque functionality while the Photos app dramatically improves the way you can browse your library.

Starting with the Camera app, it adds a new shooting mode: square. It sounds just like it is — the photo you capture will be square in size. Now you can switch between four different modes: regular photo, video, panorama, and square. Additionally, you can now add one of eight photo filters within the app similar in style to Instagram. Some give the photo a vintage feel while others add contrast. There’s something for everyone.

Once you’re done taking photos, you can browse through them in the new Photos app. Previously, the Camera Roll was just an endless list of thumbnail images. In iOS 7, the app automatically organizes your photos into collections based on time and location. Getting even more specific with time and location, Moments are smaller divisions of Collections. For instance, you could have a Collection of a trip to Hawaii and a Moment of one day at the beach.

All of these new features are wrapped in the brand new UI present in Photos, Camera, and throughout iOS 7. The developer beta of the OS is available today and regular iOS users can download the update for free in the fall.

[via Apple]

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