After Strong E3 Showing, Sony Raises PS4 Sales Projections

After a stellar E3, Sony’s looking great. Apparently Sony execs are feeling pretty confident, as the company has now raised its PS4 sales projections.

The general sentiment is that Sony won the first battle of the new console wars by taking E3. Sony’s PS4 came in $100 cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox One and remained free of unpopular DRM features. Sony stock rose and Microsoft’s took a hit after their E3 presentations Sony’s riding high on its E3 buzz.

Now, according to the Wall Street Journal (paywall), Sony has raised its internal sales projections in line with the hype. Sony Computer Entertainment chief executive officer Andrew House told WSJ about the increase, but gave no concrete numbers. He also noted the potential for a hardware shortage at launch, given the new projections.

“Demand may well outstrip supply,” House said.

The console and launch title pre orders are holding many of the top slots on Amazon and at Gamestop stores. Sony execs are hoping this momentum builds in advance of the holiday season. The PS4 will be $399 and will release this November. Its main competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox One will retail for $499 and will be available for the holidays as well.

The console wars are on again, folks, and Sony’s drawn first blood. Microsoft is hardly out of the game, though. This holiday season is shaping up to be a major referendum on the two companies’ console strategies. Stay tuned!

[Via: Games Industry International]

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