Google should acquire Canonical and merge Ubuntu with Android

Google should acquire Canonical and merge Ubuntu with Android

Ubuntu could easily emerge as a force to reckon with in the mobile industry. Perhaps a stand-alone Ubuntu platform won’t succeed (cause it lacks major backers), but Ubuntu for Android definitely has a chance. Just imagine using your regular Android smartphone as a full-blown Linux computer when you connect it to a bigger screen. Powerful stuff…

That said, I would like to see the upcoming Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie shipping with a similar capability. Google is already targeting laptops with its Chrome OS but at one point in the future, we expect to see the two platforms merging.

If we can take Eric Schmidt’s words that won’t happen and we’ll likely see Android getting its own desktop UI. We do hope to see something like that, but I would suggest it would be wiser for the search giant to simply acquire an existing Linux company. How about Canonical, which makes Ubuntu, one of the world’s most popular Linux distributions? Presuming that happens we would be able to get all the benefits of Ubuntu for Android by the end of this year, maybe even in the next few months.

Google definitely has the cash to pull this off, but on the other side – it also has the brain power to make its own Linux distribution and make it sing along Android. In any case, we do like the capability and can’t wait any longer for a true converged device…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Whatever – as long as I can get that Ubuntu for Android. 🙂

  • RoshanKarki

    Got high again?

  • Jillxz

    No Linux , nowhere , no time. It’s a loser everywhere . No one wants it but a few tech geeks and those who like to tinker with their gadgets. The regular customers who drive the sales of products do not.

    • Shankara

      Is Linux a looser? What is Android then? LOL.

      • Jillxz

        Well , I don’t call Android Linux , although I am aware there are certain ones who like to do that. Poor souls.

        • GG

          Android IS Linux. A fork of the upstream linux kernel, but linux nonetheless. Chrome OS is not even a Fork, it’s a plain stripped-down linux.

          • Jillxz

            Well , I don’t use Chromed on a regular basis. Doesn’t run well on my machine.

          • GG

            Obviously it doesn’t. The kernel used for Chrome OS is (AFAIK) stripped down of most of the hardware support drivers present in upstream Linux, it is tailored specifically and almost exclusively for Google-approved hardware. Hexxeh’s builds are unofficial, and most likely the work of an amateur (A teenager if I don’t wrongly recall my facts.)

          • Jillxz

            On second thought . You may be right. That would explain all the bugginess in Chrome Yep a stripped down Linux . That explains it .

    • lol

      Lol… No one using Linux based iOS and android. Only windows everywhere….

    • Tech Geek

      Oh Dear me!

      So what OS are you going to replace 75% of the word wide sock exchanges with , or the Amazon, eBay, Google and Facebook servers with?

      Not to mention almost all of the world supercomputers.

    • “the regular customers” are sheeple – they will eat what is given. if in doubt – ask operator’s sales.

  • Pierre

    Canonical being owned by Marc Shuttleworth exclusively, Google should first convince him.

    And I think Google and Canonical, even though they may have common projects, have very different objectives. One of the motivations given for Ubuntu Touch is to provide an alternative to the existing Apple/Android dominance. As it was the objective of the Unbntu project to promote Linux on the desktop against the dominance of Windows. With this agenda, Shuttleworth would be very inconsistent by accepting the be merged inside Android.

    I also wonder on which source the author legitimate his claim that only a few months would be needed to integrate Ubuntu with Android? This article sounds more like a naive personal wish than a serious business analysis…


    • Lukas Levickas

      If You carefully study latest news about who owns Canonical, You would see that Shuttleworth isn’t the exclusive owner anymore.

  • basanji

    Google partners only with winners.

    • Dutzu

      Canonical is a winner and Ubuntu a fine product.
      Of course, not for the masses of dumb people, but for those with a little personality that like to OWN a choice in a commercial world, a choice not dictated by corporations or money.

      As much as I like (and use) Google products and services, I ultimately live my own life not the one they want me to live.

      It all depends where you want to belong to…

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, Google already has Chrome OS. Leave Ubuntu alone, and let them do their own thing.

  • Felix

    I don’t want to see all my personal data at NSA.

    • tyrus

      but youre allright with Amazon getting it?

      • Kasper Steensig Jensen

        You can disable that easily. But we wouldn’t know if Google would add spyware of some sort that we couldn’t remove.

  • Kris Dylst

    No, thanks. As much as I like (X)ubuntu I don’t want it to become too big. A not too largely distributed operation system has its advantages.

  • flugelhorn

    To paraphrase Mark Twain, in providing some advice to Google:

    “Never link up with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

  • Tim

    Yes. Google could do amazing things with Ubuntu, IMHO. It would be awesome to be able to dock your phone and have a desktop experience, then undock it and use it as a mobile device. The tech is there, just no good implementations yet. I would love this if it happened.

  • Ken Ash

    Yes Google acquires canonical then gets rid of shuttleworth. Then puts the name “Linux” back onto ubuntu website. Then takes ubuntu in the direction it needs to go and “Not” the way shuttlworth “Says” it will go.

  • blah

    “… it also has the brain power to make its own Linux distribution…” Last I checked Android already is a Linux distribution from Google.

    • blah

      Oh… So is Chrome OS

  • George Nixon

    They don’t need to acquire Canonical, all their stuff is open source. Google could fork it and work with them.

  • Yogi Natasukma

    I disagree, Canonical should get its economic support somewhere else than google, I would prefer to watch Android vs Ubuntu head to head than Android Vs iOS as it happens now, Both Android and Ubuntu are great platform to be built upon and if they are competing for costumer satisfaction, it’s a wonderful thing since both should be able to keep the development rate at a fast pace, that, and monopoly is never a good thing.

  • Michael

    You don’t watch ads while running Ubuntu as a server nor as a desktop. Google wants you in the browser, as in Chrome OS. No interest in acquiring Ubuntu and help you get around ads.

  • Do you get the point that that are two totally different platforms and unmergable technologies. That are just funny fantasies

    You cant merge Java code and java VM with pure C and C++ of Ubuntu. At least not on way that Andoroid be the underlaying OS as you was mentioning. On the way that it be Android on Ubuntu it would be possible but it would require a lot of works. And Google aint gonna do that because they dont want to submerge their product to any living linux distro.

  • Bill Hicks

    Oh please no, please let Ubuntu stay free and open and a competitor to Google. I have no interest in seeing this and will wholeheartedly jump headfirst into the blissfulness of wonder that Ubuntu Touch ecosystem is going to be. Free from Google, Apple or anyone but Canonical and the communities control. Code, completely Open to anyone to understand and evolve. It;s going to be magnificent.

  • littlenoodles

    Google is not about desktop software. Even Android is pretty well sandboxed, and most of its apps (other than simple games) are useless without network connectivity. So a traditional Linux desktop makes no sense for them. The google approach to ‘desktop’ software is to extend the browser (in hopefully secure ways) so that some approximation of native apps can be run in a web/thin client mode. If they can pull that off (while retaining the ability to run Android local apps for those gamers who would refuse to buy in without it), You might not like the idea of all your data in the cloud, but it’s coming anyway. Hell, plenty of people are willingly putting their data up there via dropbox, etc. anyway – even if they create the data locally. So privacy/security issues aren’t the ‘problem’ (i.e., they are a problem, but one people ‘trust’ to be dealt with).

  • Eddie O’Connor

    I can only hope and pray that Google remains Google with its Android…..and Ubuntu REMAINS Ubuntu! The wonderful free and open source software that it is! And no….I’m not a “fan-boy”…(I happen to love Fedora Linux thank you very much!)…but to see something as “useful” and technically superior fall into the hands of a “money-churner” like Google?…..nah…it’s not a good idea! I can just see it now….the Android side would explode…while the Ubuntuside would become some kind of “add-on” that “works with the latest version of Android: “Banana Butter Creme Mint Syrup”….LOL!!

  • Brandon Golway

    There’s no need for this, they already have the capability to do this with Android. I can turn my Galaxy S4 into a full-blown Linux computer just by buying the smartdock from Samsung for $100. It includes HDMI out and three USB ports so all I’d have to do is connect the dock to a flatscreen TV/Monitor and connect a mouse and keyboard (and possibly a HDD/flashdrive) and boom I have an Android Desktop!

    If I root it and install BusyBox pro I can have all the Linux command line programs accessible from within Android itself. If I use one of the various Linux installers that installs Linux in a disk image or chroot I can have a truly full-blown Ubuntu/Arch/Debian desktop with a GUI and everything, all I would need to to is make a VNC connection to the running Linux server and I can make it act just like a typical desktop.

  • Joe D

    Google will do what all large mega-corporations do in a situation like this: They will let the smaller company take the risk on this whole “convergance” idea and see if the public responds positively to it…
    If they don’t, Google loses nothing in an idea that didn’t take off. If the idea becomes an overwhelming success, that opens up the Three Options rule – 1: Throw a lot of money around to buy said small company, it’s assets, talent. Failing that, Google goes with either option 2: Suing (insert petty claim here) – or option 3: Copying idea. Either way, bigger company has enough money to keep any litigation spinning around for years, in which time smaller company settles or goes bankrupt. But maybe I’m being a bit cynical on this.

  • Bardamu

    Never! I worked so hard to kill (almost) the google intrusion in my android phone (cooked Rom, non google apps nor store, F-Droid, being an obsesive of the Network Log app, expecting desperately Firefox Os or Ubuntu Phone), to see how they conquer Ubuntu by money… That will be an outrageous betrayal from Canonical after the lot of time that we, their users, spends telling people that all the bad decisions Canonical assumes since 10.10, could help to spread the linux principles among the windows users, (¡any user concerned about their privacy and security!, not the google fans), providing to them a simple linux enviroment… Excuse my english but please!: ¡don’t joke about this!… Greetings.

  • wayne

    Fucking moron arguing for this crap, I ot it you love to be a slave. But there are people who have are intelligent and are pro free software.

  • jpxsat

    Amazing Idea! Convergence is the key, so a nice dual system Android/Ubuntu (Phone/Desktop) would be awesome. Ubuntu phone merging with Android and Ubuntu desktop getting full support from Canonical/Google… it would be AWESOME!!!
    Don’t know and don’t understand why Google hasn’t did this yet… they won’t even have to modify Ubuntu, just accelerate it, merge Ubuntu phone (that does not exist yet) and make the best of both projects into one 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I know that a lot of persons might disagree, but to me the idea is pure gold !!

  • wayne23

    No Fucking way! Google destroys true open source! Not saying Canonical is a saint with its spyware in the dash but still the pholosophy of chrome for example that feeds off chromium and puts its own propiatary crap on top and every idiot uses it.

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