Google’s Mike Cassidey Talks 3G Balloons on Science Friday

NPR’s Science Friday welcomed Mike Cassidey, the head of Google’s “Project Loon”, on today’s episode. Project Loon is Google’s experimental effort to provide 3G internet service to the most remote regions of the earth using helium balloons. Cassidy and his team are working on the prototype of the system in New Zealand.

Interesting stuff! Click on over to SciFri for some pics and the audio of the segment.

Here’s the blurb from the show:

Rather than relying on cell towers, phone lines, or fiber optics, Google plans to beam 3G-speed Internet to the world’s most inaccessible corners using helium balloons. The experiment is called “Project Loon.” Leader Mike Cassidy talks about the project’s first step: providing balloon Internet to New Zealand and the 40th parallel south.

[Via: Science Friday]

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