Apple loses title of ‘world’s most respected company’

Barron’s has released its list of World’s Most Respected Companies for 2013 and unlike last year, Apple is no longer at the very top of the list. In fact, Apple isn’t even in second place either. The Cupertino-based technology giant has dropped to third place in the 2013 list.

Coming in at number one on this year’s list of most respected companies is Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway with a score of 3.88 out of 4 possible points. Number two, probably not too much surprise, is the Walt Disney company with a score of 3.81. Apple places third this year with a score of 3.78. Given all the bad press Apple has received in the past year for lacking innovation, third place is still a pretty good position to hold.

Quite a few other tech and/or online companies made Barron’s list as well. Google places just under Apple at number 4, Amazon is 6, IBM is 10, Samsung is 18, Intel is 20, eBay is 24, Qualcomm is 43, Cisco Systems is 47, Verizon Communications is 57, Comcast is 60, Microsoft is 61, and AT&T is 78. So on and so forth.

Barron’s figures out the scores for each company by surveying professional financial managers and letting them choose a rating of 1, 2, 3, or 4 for Don’t Respect, Respect Somewhat, Respect, or Highly Respect, respectably.

You can view the full list of 100 World’s Most Respected Companies in PDF form right here.

[via PhoneArena]

  • Roaduardo

    I wouldn’t fault them for not releasing another “revolutionary” product in recent years but I would attribute their fall to third place to the many, many, many lawsuits being battled out in courts around the world.

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