Motorola’s X Phone Won’t Be A Verizon Droid

It looks like Motorola’s X phone won’t be the next in the Verizon exclusive Droid line. The Verge had the scoop today, reporting that Motorola’s much hyped new device line will be separate from its long-standing Droid series of Verizon exclusive phones.

Motorola’s forthcoming Moto X phone will not be a Droid device on Verizon, multiple sources tell The Verge. The change marks a sharp inflection point in the tight relationship between the two companies: previous Motorola flagship phones like the Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR Maxx HD have all been Verizon exclusives in the US.

With Motorola set to start its print ad campaign hinting at the features of the X, this marks a different path for Motorola flagship phones in the era since Google’s acquisition and restructuring of the mobile giant. While it seems almost certain that Verizon will carry the Motorola X, it won’t have an exclusivity deal, according to The Verge‘s sources.

The Motorola X already seems to be going for a very different market, with its sunny, outdoor campaign and “designed by you” tagline. It’s a far cry from the Droid line’s cyberpunk lite branding that put it forward as a device for the hardcore – especially the heavy, all metal original Droid!

Verizon customers, don’t worry! You have no need to fret, since Motorola’s recently leaked Droid Ultra appears to be carrying on the Droid name and its Verizon exclusivity.

[Via: The Verge]

  • Chewy1954

    Thank God Google made Motorola see the light about not giving exclusivity to Verizon any longer. As a loyal Motorola customer (having owned a Razr V3 for the last 3 yrs and now an Atrix 4G unlocked) I love the idea of being able to built to order my own phone, This is going to revolutionize the market and is going to put Motorola on top once again. Congratulations to Google, my favorite browser!

  • But I still want the Moto X on Verizon… why does the world of cell phones hate us?

  • Smart_Science_Chick

    Wow, what a new concept! Who would have thought that people would actually
    LIKE having a device that has all the features they want/need/like.

    What an amazing idea!

    I thought the devices were all designed to include just the features that the *COMPANY* wanted in their phones.

    … but to cater to the *USERS* instead??? Really?

  • Verizon owns the Droid brand name, so any Droid phone will only be sold through Verizon.

    Motorola’s choice to launch their Android line under a brand they did not own was one of the great short-cut screwups in marketing history.

    Ont the other hand, it was a stroke of genius for Verizon in the ongoing war between carriers, manufacturers and mobile OS makers.

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