That’s Wack Samsung: Magna Carta Holy Grail App Fails, Jay-Z Fans Unable To Download Album

Remember that deal with Samsung and Jay-Z? Yeah, well that hasn’t been going very smoothly. Owners of various Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note II were set to receive the new Jay-Z album at the stroke of midnight if they downloaded and installed the Magna Carta Holy Grail app, and were one of the first 1 Million people to download it to their devices. Anxious Jay-Z fans fired up the app early this morning to find that the app did not work. Fail. Kinda wack Samsung, don’t ya think?

Undeterred, Jay-Z fans took to alternate means to get their hands on the Magna Carta Holy Grail album, from searching out YouTube links to straight up pirating the album. Looks like Samsung’s $5 Million deal with the Jigga Man is off to a rough start.

We have been trying the MCHG app, and it still is not working. Not only do the download links not function, but the extra content that the app is supposed to provide doesn’t load. A few tweets have gone out saying that the app is now functioning, so it could be coming back to life soon. Have you been able to download the new Jay-Z album, or are you still having issues?

[Via: Phandroid]

  • James

    Worked for me. No problems.

  • Micheakel

    I have been trying since midnight and it is just niw working for me.

  • SliMDxxDC8

    Worked for me. However, in pretty pissed off at the fact that it’s downloaded within the app. Lame. I thought download meant you I can actually have the files but we all know where that would lead.

    • BossV

      Once the album is downloaded it’s actually downloaded on to your device, you can find this by going to the “My Files” app and the choose “Music”. All music files will be there in MP3 format.

      • Mlungisi Le’Sane

        It ain’t there. For me it only downloaded within the app

  • Iam Dissapoint

    Man I was up waiting for it. 12 am came and nothing, the app stopped working. Kept trying to enter and even emailed them about it. Samsung pulling some shenanigans.

    • Iam

      Checked again. It’s working.

  • David Lebron

    Downloaded it on the first try this morning (along with a few of my friends) and the album sucks anyway.

  • Dnyce

    Worked for me dummies

  • rachel

    This app does not work. Nerve wrecking..

  • CV

    Still not working for me. Even though I uninstalled and reinstalled as Samsung suggested. Now the app just gets stuck on the part where it’s asking for your age. What a disappointment. I stayed up late to download it 🙁 Won’t fall for that again.

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