Verizon to Raise Price on Extended Warranty and Total Equipment Protection

Verizon customers are getting dinged once again. This time the cost of both the Extended Warranty and Total Protection (TEP) will go up $1.01 for basic phones and smartphones besides the iPhone.  The new monthly cost for the Extended warranty will be $3.00, and TEP will run you $8.

The changes will affect both new and existing customers, but current subscribers will get a 2 month reprieve. The price increases will go into effect for new customers on July 25th, but not for existing customers until September 26th. So your bill shouldn’t go up for the remainder of the summer, at least.

A Verizon source elaborated on the price changes, and reasoning behind them:

Why the price change?

We work to deliver a superior customer experience and to maintain costs so that our customers can protect their wireless investments. To continue to offer customers the best choices in wireless equipment protection, the EW and TEC price is changing.


-New customers: effective date is 7/25/13. New customers include those who are:

  • New to Verizon Wireless and to EW or TEC.
  • Existing customers adding EW or TEC for the first time to an existing or new line of service.

-Existing customers with EW or TEC service: effective date is 9/26/13.
-Existing customers will be sent notification letters of the price change between 7/10/13- 7/26/13.

[Via: Droid Life]

  • Iseecheaters

    More nickel and diming….shame on you, VZW!!!!

  • Barack Obama

    Would this mean this is another way for people to break their contract with no ETF? Can’t wait!

  • Richard O’Hara

    I have made a few phone calls today regarding this issue. I have been quoting the Total Equipment Coverage Contract, Extended Warranty section…
    “The fee will be based on your equipment protection program and/or price plan. If, during the term of this agreement, you change your price plan or protection program, the fee may be increased.”
    Interestingly, no one at Verizon is willing to act like they understand – this option for them to raise the price is not in the contract they had us sign!

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