China Unicom joins Ubuntu’s mobile ride

China Unicom joins Ubuntu's mobile ride

Ubuntu just got another big supporter in the form of China Unicom. China’s second largest operator, which has more than 250 million subscribers, will join the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group, allowing it to get early access to software builds, devices and other potentially useful information, as well as a “period of exclusivity to ship Ubuntu in their markets”.

According to Li Xingxin of Unicom’s terminal research and support centre, Ubuntu can be “an exciting new platform for the Chinese market, offering a brand new user experience that balances user simplicity with operator requirements.”

Ubuntu formed its Carrier Advisory Group (CAG) last month, with backers that include such major companies as Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile), EE, Korea Telecom, Telecom Italia, LG U+, Portugal Telecom, SK Telecom and “the leading Spanish international carrier” (presumably, Telefonica). The Ubuntu CAG is open to new members until the end of this month.

Ubuntu on its end still seems to have problems convincing handset makers to jump on board. Nokia is all versed in Windows Phone, Samsung is pursuing its own Tizen platform (aside from Android and Windows Phone), while LG is committed to Android. On the other hand, Mozilla’s Firefox OS has managed to corner ZTE and Alcatel, with few others like Huawei, LG and Sony jumping on board later in the year. We’ll see whether Ubuntu will get similar “attention” or not…

[Via: MobileWorldLive]

  • 3arn0wl

    There seems to be no shortage of interest in the OS from carriers, tech writers and Jo/e Public (who’ve seen it), so it does seem curious that phone manufacturers aren’t queuing up to run the OS – perhaps Canonical should go ahead and produce their Eon Superphone…

  • 3arn0wl

    Maybe wannabe Ubuntu users will just root Android phones?

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