Sprint May Be Changing Its Pre-Paid Plans, According To Leaked Photo

Today is the last day of Sprint's iDEN network

A leaked photo sent to Phone Arena shows that Sprint may be changing its pre-paid plans, in an apparent attempt to keep up with T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plans. The new plans look to remain similar to their current form, with the addition of new options and features to choose from.

The names of the plans will be changed, with two plans detailed as “Unlimited, My Way” and “My All-In.” The plans decrease in price with the more lines that are added, with one line of unlimited voice and text running $50, two lines $40 and three lines $30 each. Data plans are extra, with a unlimited data plan costing an extra $30 or 1GB of data for $20. The My All-In Plan costs $110 a month, and includes unlimited talk, text data and 5GB of hotspot data.

When Sprint will make the move to implement these plans is still unknown. One thing is for sure though, if Sprint is looking to compete with T-Mobile in the pre-paid arena, they will need to offer more value than what we are seeing in this leak.

[Via: Phone Arena]

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