LG Display unveils world’s slimmest full HD LCD panel for smartphones; And it could be used in the upcoming G2

LG Display unveils world's slimmest full HD LCD panel for smartphones

LG Display unveiled what it says is the world’s slimmest Full HD LCD panel for smartphones. The 5.2-inch panel could be used in the soon-to-be-launched LG Optimus G2 (or just G2), which will sport the same-sized display.

Only 2.2mm thin with a 2.3mm bezel, the new panel is also narrowest, providing larger visible display space on smartphones, while making end products (smartphones) lighter and easier to grip. Moreover, it also provides superiority in displaying resolution, brightness, and contrast ratio results in enhanced outdoor readability. The panel has a brightness of 535 nits at maximum, outperforming all current mobile Full HD LCD panels; and Ambient Contrast Ratio of 3.74:1 based on 10,000.

More about the panel – things I don’t quite understand:

Key to realizing the world’s slimmest panel is LG Display’s Advanced One-Glass-Solution (OGS), the latest touch technology enabling an enhanced touch screen experience, developed and applied to the new panel for the first time ever. Dual Flexible Printed Circuits, superior to a single circuit, have been inserted between the panel and touch film, reducing the number of lines on the panel by more than 30 percent. Utilization of a direct bonding system has also resulted in Optical Clear Resin between the panel and touch film for greater brightness.

Now we can’t wait to get our hands on the G2, yet again hoping it will use this panel. 😉

  • PeterSteinbeck

    So slim, so cool, so sexy. Give me G2! 🙂

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