Google Officially Changes Name Of Project Glass To Google Glass

Google has changed the name of its Project Glass to Google Glass today, announcing the name change through Google+. Most of us have been referring to the cyberpunk headgear as Google Glass for some time now, and the name change signals the evolution of the wearable tech, from a project to a full-fledged platform.

Google explains:

“Same page, different name

Just a heads up that we’ve changed our page name to +Google Glass since that’s what most of you are calling us nowadays. When we created this page more than a year ago, we chose “Project” to recognize that we were all exploring something new. Back then, the Glass Explorer Edition was still just a hope and a dream. Now we have Explorers with their very own Glass dreaming and exploring with us. While we’re still many months away from a wider consumer launch, we’re updating our page name to reflect where we are today.

That is all. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.” – Google+

So there you have it folks, the days of Project Glass are over. Does this mean we will be seeing a public release of Google Glass soon? Probably not, but we’re heading in the right direction.

[Via: Marketing Land , Google+]

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