LG Windows Phone 8 device coming soon?

LG Windows Phone 8 device coming soon?

LG may finally get into the Windows Phone 8 game. According to Soon H. Kwon (LG India’s Managing Director), the company is “actually working” on a Windows Phone 8 OS powered smartphone.

Unfortunately, that’s all he said and we’ll rather have to wait for another few weeks and months to get additional information. Hopefully this won’t be a long wait.

Meanwhile, the Korean company is busy preparing to launch its next flagship smartphone – Optimus G2, which will be one of the thinnest and most powerful devices ever announced.

Earlier LG’s Windows Phone devices include Optimus 7 (pictured above) and Optimus Q7, both of which were announced back in 2010.

[Via: UnwiredView, Light Reading India]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I’m not sure what LG can add to Windows Phone? Nokia is ruling that market…

  • Gregory C Newman

    The reason LG might make one is because The Windows 8 hardware and software updates are such that LG can sell a low end model to a high end model and still make money. what Microsoft has to do is advertise- advertise- advertise to get the message out there about Windows smart phones

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