Verizon Leak Shows ‘Verizon Edge’ Phone Upgrade Plan

In the wake of T-Mobile’s “JUMP!” early upgrade plan announcement, other carriers are scrambling to offer a similar option. Now Verizon Wireless has its own service to allow more frequent upgrades. Dubbed “Verizon Edge”, the service allows users to upgrade their devices without any upgrade fees or contracts.

Droid Life broke the news with a leaked training slide, detailing the new plan (check it out below). While it doesn’t reveal all the specifics, the slide shows that Verizon will be offering VZ Edge as a way for customers to remain on Verizon’s network with the latest devices while avoiding upgrade fees or contract extensions. The slide does mention that customers on the monthly payment plan (paying off phones), can upgrade to a new phone at any time after they’ve paid off  50 % of their current device.

News should be trickling out of Big Red in the coming weeks, but we do know that this new service should be rolling out on August 25. The screenshot shows the date under “Launch”.

So, Verizon customers, what do you think? When this new service launches are you going to upgrade your device?

[Via: Droid Life]

  • Carlos Cabral

    Wonder if this will work with unlimited plans

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