Google Maps For iOS Updated, Brings Native Resolution For iPad

An update for the iOS version of Google Maps was released late last night, which features live traffic and accident reports, indoor maps and a new way to rate favorite places. The update also utilizes the iPad’s native resolution, which is welcome news for iPad users.

The update brings the iOS app up to speed with its Android counterpart, which Google updated last week. iPad users will be pleased with the native iPad display support, with the new visual layout  resembling the desktop version of Google Maps. Up until this release, iPad Maps users had to use an ugly scaled version of the app. Now users will be treated to a slick, crisp version of the service.

Thanks to Google Offers integration, users can now search out restaurants and stores based on current offers. Rating establishments is simple, and recommendations contain Zagat content. Also included are indoor maps complete with walking directions, making traversing malls, airports and transit stations easier than ever.

Look for the update to hit your device soon if it hasn’t arrived already, or head over to the iTunes App Store to download the app.

[Via: iTunes]

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