Infographic: A Fresh Look At Apple’s App Store VS. Google’s Play Store

An infographic comparing the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store takes a fresh look at how we compare the two services. Most comparisons focus on metrics such as number of apps, rate of growth and sales. The infographic takes a look at other metrics, such as market share, ease of app discovery, price point distribution and more.

The infographic shows us that although Google Play’s market share is much higher than that of the Apple App store, Apple brings in five times as much daily revenue than the Google Play Store. Google has 74.4% of market share, compared to Apple’s 18.2%.

Due to the open nature of the Android OS, personalization apps on Android are plentiful. The Play Store also has a more accurate search engine, making it easier to search for apps than on Apple’s App Store.

When it comes to growth in revenue around the globe, the App Store is outperforming the Google Play Store, with countries such as Japan, Russia and China showing the most App Store revenue growth.

Check out the infographic from Kinvey below for more interesting views on the competing app stores.

[Via: Venture Beat] [Featured Image: Tapscape]

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