WSJ: Apple testing larger screens for the iPhone and iPad

Speculation out of the Wall Street Journal suggests Apple is working on iPhones and iPads with larger screens. Sources told the WSJ that Asian suppliers are providing the Cupertino company with iPhone screens larger than 4-inches and tablets with displays that measure almost 13-inches. Apple is reportedly testing these displays in prototype devices. There is no guarantee they will hit the market.

It is no secret that manufacturers test a variety of screen sizes and device designs before a final version is approved. In a well-known rant during a 2010 earning conference call, Steve Jobs let it be known that Apple tested a 7-inch tablet before it released the 9.7-inch iPad. Jobs didn’t like the smaller size, saying that 7-inch tablets are dead on arrival. Of course, Apple revised its stance and revisited that form factor a few years later when it released the 7.9-inch iPad mini.

[Via WSJ]

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