Moto X TV Spots Already Popping Up – Check Em’ Out!

Hot on the heels of its Moto X announcement, Motorola has already put out the first two TV spots for its new flagship. The company’s YouTube channel, channel showcases the ads as well as a video that outlines the Moto Maker customization site.

Motorola has a lot riding on the Moto X and the company’s wisely starting the ad blitz now. Both of these spots are short, sweet, and stylish. They do a great job of showing off some key features of the new handset as well as the color customization options

The first spot, “Quick Draw”, shows off the Moto X’s Quick Capture camera feature. With a double flick of the wrist the sleeping Moto X will come alive, automatically loading the camera app in a matter of seconds. The Moto X promises to increase sharing and avoid “photo fails”  The driving dubstep soundtrack  underlines the snappiness of the feature. You can go from sleep to shooting in under 3 wub wubs!


The second bit, “Always Ready”, does a great job of showing the practical use of the device’s Touchless Controls and Google Now integration. The short spot shows off a 20 something guy’s reluctant morning. He pushes back his alarm 20 minutes and sets a reminder to get coffee on his Moto X, all without opening his eyes or touching his device. The Moto X’s touchless features have got your back, “so you can sleep off last call.”

[Via: YouTube]

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