LG G2 Manual Leaks Out

LG is set to unveil its latest flagship handset, the G2, at an event in New York tomorrow. The handset has seen its fair share of leaks for quite a while now, but a leaked manual has just surfaced, and that’s about as real as it can get. Until tomorrow, at least.

The leaked manual shows off the usual features that we’ve been expecting — Most notable are the volume buttons on the rear side of the device. The manual also reveals that the G2 will use a nano SIM, sport a removable 2160 mAh battery, and that it will have a micro SD card slot to expand the storage of the device.

Those who pegged the rear buttons for a fingerprint reader will be disappointed, as there isn’t one to be found. Then again, we were never thrilled about the Motorola Atrix’s fingerprint reader, either.

Given all of the leaks we’ve seen of the device so far, there doesn’t seem like there’s too much to announce at this point. Either way, we’d be lying if we said that we weren’t excited about this 5.2 inch beauty.

[Nowhereelse.fr via Engadget]

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