Alleged phone thief unwittingly creates photoblog viewed by thousands

Alleged phone thief Hafid is the star of a tumblr photoblog, and he doesn’t even know it. The story of how he became an unwitting Internet star begins with an early morning skinny dip in the Mediterranean.

After a night of partying, a group of tourists decided to go for a naked swim in the warm waters outside Ibiza. While they were swimming, a thief took off with their clothes and all of their belongings, including a phone owned by a female member of the group.

The not-so-smart Hafid didn’t realize that the phone was tied to a Dropbox account that uploaded every photo. Photos of the man’s daily adventures started appearing in Dropbox on July 8th and have been posted to a tumblr blog by the original owner of the stolen phone.

You can check out a sample photo above and then head over to the “Life of a stranger who stole my phone” tumblr blog for even more shots.

[Via Life of a stranger who stole my phone and Phone Arena]

Update: Edited based on exif data that suggests the phone may be an Android phone and not an iPhone as originally reported.

  • Cinema_2012

    The EXIF details show that pictures were taken using a HTC Desire S. This is a hox.

  • Trq Atallah

    without evidence that Hafid is the thief it is ignorant to call him a thief.

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