iDoorCam lets you answer the doorbell with iPhone app anywhere

The innovations in mobile technology is making life for us much easier, seemingly by the day. iDoorCam is the latest creative application to hit the iOS App Store, as it brings the ability for homeowners to answer their doors through an app on their iPhone. Besides seeing who’s calling you through your phone, iDoorCam does other unique things such as allow folks to use WiFi technology to answer from anywhere their connection permitted.

Of course, this is an awesome idea for those out there who get in a debate with love ones on which person should get up and see who’s at the door. iDoorCam feels the void for guest experiencing those awkward moments waiting at the door forever — the app lets the hosts have a conversation with the person right from their smartphone as they wait.

The way this works is folks wanting to set this whole thing up need to just buy the iDoorbell for just $127. Once you get the special doorbell, you can then hook it up with the iDoorCam companion app.

The most beneficial part to having this product is that it can be used anywhere. So if you’re out on business, or happen to be running errands at a place that has a WiFi connection — you get to see who’s ringing your doorbell. This is extremely effective for folks in our profession who constantly get packages sent to their doorstep. Plus, parents get to keep an eye on who comes to the door when they leave the kiddies home alone.

[via Redmond Pie]

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