Report: carriers to get iOS 7 GM on September 5th, developers on the 10th

Inside sources tell BGR that Apple will release the next beta version of iOS next week, most likely on Monday the 19th. Shortly after, the company will finalize iOS 7 in a gold master version that will land in the hands of carriers and employees on September 5th.Lastly, the developer GM version of the mobile OS will be available on September 10th, the day of the rumored Apple event.

These dates are not confirmed, but they fall in line with Apple’s likely schedule of iOS releases. Thus far, beta versions of iOS 7 have debuted every two weeks, which would put the next release sometime the week of the 19th. Also, in the past, the GM versions become available for developers the day of the press event. I would expect Apple to keep that schedule unless something major comes up between now and then. Fingers crossed that it is smooth sailing and we can all get our dose of iOS 7 soon.

[Via BGR]

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