Global Event Operation Cassandra For Ingress Is The Largest To Date

Ingress has been around since November of last year, and while still invite-only, the Niantic team’s ‘game’ has gathered quite the following.

Ingress events have taken place all over the globe and help to unravel the intricate story of Ingress. However, the largest Ingress event to date is happening right now, across the globe.

The latest event, Operation Cassandra, is so far the single largest Ingress event we’ve seen, in a handful of cities right now. Operation Cassandra kicked off this past Sunday in Sydney, Australia, and continued to Milan, Italy, and Tokyo, Japan. These events encourage players, or agents to gather in a specific locations to take control of certain areas that are thought to have XM (exotic matter) anomalies. Resistance and Enlightenment agents battle each other to take control of portals, which are usually at a point of interest (statues, monuments, murals, etc) and create control fields for their own respective factions.

Operation Cassandra will continue through next week, and if you’re looking to get in on the action, check out the upcoming locations for the event below.

As we mentioned, the story of Ingress and the Niantic Project is an intricate one, and the latest Ingress Report is rather ominous, showing hidden messages throughout the video. Be sure to check the latest episode out below.

If you want to get in on the action, but don’t have an invitation yet, throw your email in the comments below. The first seven people to do so will get an invitation and it will be sent out next week.

Have an Ingress invite already? What are you waiting for? Download Ingress right here! (Android only)

Need to catch up on the Ingress story? Be sure to check out,, and DecodeIngress for the latest and greatest!

Happy hacking, agents.

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