Barnes & Noble releases iOS, Android video apps

The impending demise of Barnes & Noble has been greatly over dramatized for some time now, thanks to it’s failing Android tablet line and dwindling brick and mortar stores. Today the struggling publishing giant has joined its competitors in offering its own content streaming service with the launch of an iOS and Android app.

Now all Android phones and tablets, along with all iPhone’s and iPad’s get another choice for streaming movies and TV shows. The Nook Video app does what Google Play Movies or Vudu does, which is offer users the ability of on-demand streaming or download rented or purchased films and TV shows. In addition the Nook app supports Ultra-Violet, which gives people a free streaming copy of shows or movies they’ve purchased on DVD. The Ultra-Violet feature also extends to media players found on set-top boxes like the Roku.

The Nook Video application is launching with plenty of content from some of the most popular channels such as HBO, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, STARZ, Viacom, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and Disney. Like other services, Nook Video does the usual SD or HD streams, however, High-Definition streams may not be available on all devices.

In the end, this is a move Barnes & Noble had to make to survive and stay relevant. We’re in a market where every company wants to set up their own ecosystem for customers to gravitate to. B&N’s Nook app is a good last resort for if or when they choose to sunset their tablet business.

For anyone interested in grabbing the application download the iOS version here, or the Android version here.

[via Mobileburn]

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