HTC One Google Edition to skip 4.2.2 update for Android 4.3

Google Play edition HTC One and Galaxy S4 getting their Android 4.3 updates

When Google announced that it would be launching stock variants of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One; the response from people was a mixture of both excitement and curiosity. The number one issue with folks was if both Google Edition devices would receive timely updates.

Well, so far, this experiment has gone pretty good, as the latest develops has the One getting Android 4.3. The HTC One doesn’t even have Android 4.2.2 yet, but it’s skipping that minor update for the more significant 4.3 upgrade. This according to Jason Mackenzie, president of global sales at HTC.

Makenzie outed the news by responding to a question on Twitter, where a customer shared this “How is it possible that the Verizon One will launch with 4.2.2 when us Dev Edition buyers are still stuck on 4.1!? Frustrating!”

The Pres for HTC global sales responded by simply adding “we definitely care and want you to have great experience. 2.2 is minor update so decided to go straight to 4.3.”

So, that is that. Now the interesting question is when will folks already carrying the HTC One on different carriers receive their update? Also, will their devices skip 4.2.2 for Android 4.3 as well? We don’t have a clue on what will ultimately happen, but we hope the carriers will follow HTC’s lead on this.

[via Android Central]

  • Luis Cuyares

    The HTC One has had the 4.2.2 for some time now and the Google Edition got 4.3 about a week or two after it came out. I think you meant US carrier’s HTC One because, again, the international model has had 4.2.2 for some time now.

  • James Turner

    Uhmmm yes. This whole article is wrong. I think you meant the Developer edition. Not the Google PLay edition which was released with 4.2.2 and went straight to 4.3 a couple weeks ago.

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