Twitter’s Vine App Amasses 40 Million Users

In the seven months since Vine’s release on iOS, the 6 second video sharing service has changed the way people share and create videos to share across the interwebs. Twitter’s Vine now has 40 million registered users, which was celebrated via a tweet earlier today.

Vine launched on iOS in January, and finally made its way to Android devices in June. At the time of the Android app launch, Vine was sitting at 13 million registered users. Clearly, the release of the Android app has helped Vine gather new users, as well as an update from around the same time which brought Vine sharing and channels to the app. Vine has been updating its Android app to catch up with the iOS version, which has more functionality than it’s Android counterpart.

Vine’s influence is readily apparent, with Facebook’s Instagram photo-sharing platform took a page from Vine’s book in June by adding the ability to record and share short video clips of 15 seconds.

So, congrats Vine, and keep the good stuff coming!

[Via: Twitter , CNET]

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