Android joins iOS, surpasses PSP, Vita, DS, 3DS in games sold

Android can now join its rival iOS in one common thing, and that’s both platforms are now selling more games than PSP, Vita, DS, and 3DS. The dedicated console market is clearly beginning to deteriorate, judging from the latest report from App Annie and IDC. The report claims that Android’s gaming position overtook the joint efforts of Sony’s PSP and Vita, and Nintendo’s DS, DSi and 3DS in Q2 2013.

In addition the report also found that Android and iOS share of game revenue jumped in Asia-Pacific, while Sony and Nintendo made small gains in Western Europe. What’s even more telling with the sudden increases in both platforms is when both combine consumer spending. Android and iOS bunched together is four times greater than that of Sony and Nintendo’s handhelds in Q2.

In the end, this is terrible news for companies like Sony and Nintendo as they scratch and claw into relevancy in the dedicated console industry. The trend is becoming more and more clear each quarter, and that’s people wanting to play top-notch games on their Android or iOS-powered smartphones and tablets.

Sony and Nintendo desperately need to adapt; offering some of their exclusive, iconic games on both iOS and Android would give both companies tremendous streams of revenue.

[App Annie IDC; via TNW]


  • Wormy

    Uhh, more people have phones than dedicated handhelds. Stupid.

  • Hairee Pothead

    So why do they only put the 3DS against the Iphone but not the Home Console despite 3DS outsold Home Console last month according to NPD.

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