Steve Jobs Schools open in the Netherlands

Steve Jobs Schools open in the Netherlands

Back in July we’ve told you about experimental iPad-centric schools that will open in the Netherlands. Well, seven of these so called “Steve Jobs Schools” are now open for “business,” two of which will provide the iPad-centric curriculum at all grade levels, while the rest will begin with younger students and expand to higher grades as the children move through school.

If you recall, the main idea is to replace old-style education tools like blackboards, schedules and parent-teacher conferences with iPads. Moreover, teachers also get to be “replaced” with “coaches” that guide rather than teach kids, helping them pursue their own projects and group efforts.

And that’s not all. Kids will also benefit from the sCoolSpace, which is a virtual schoolyard where students can meet at any time. Both students and coaches have their own avatars, and are able to communicate via FaceTime or Messages. Parents are also involved and they get to monitor their child’s progress daily through “iDesk Learning Tracker”.

Finally, kids are not obliged to attend the school throughout the day. They can show up any time between 7:30 AM and 6:30 PM, though the onsite presence is required between 10:30 AM and 3:00 PM. Parents can take vacations on their schedules, as the children can keep up with their schoolwork while on the go.

Is this too advanced for kids or what?

[Via: TUAW, mEducationWeekly]

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