Chucky : Slash & Dash Renews Childhood Fears In Upcoming Game For iOS And Android

It’s a rarity that I get to put my rather specific loves of mobile, gaming AND horror into the same post, but Slimstown Studios have just made my day with Chucky : Slash & Dash. With the 6th installment of the Child’s Play movie series, Curse of Chucky, set for an October 8th release, Chucky fans have a game to tide them over until the movie comes around.

Chucky : Slash & Dash is an endless runner game that from Slimstown Studios that will be released for iOS and Android soon.

You can find the official description and features of the game below from the Slimstown Studios website:

Chucky renews his quest to seek revenge in a never-ending nightmare in which he’s endlessly running through the factory that produces Good Guys dolls.  Players will control Chucky while sprinting through the factory floor, the catwalks, the warehouse, or even outside, and will need to avoid conveyor belts, forklifts, acid pools, barrels and other obstacles.  Chucky can also eliminate enemies patrolling the factory using his classic knife or other more outlandish weapons in the arsenal.  As they play, gamers will collect batteries that can be used to acquire in-game items or power-ups, such as a double battery bonus, a fast start, or extra lives that can extend a run after dying.


  • Rampage Through the Good Guys Doll Factory: Unleash your own brand of murderous mayhem in the very place where everyone’s favorite killer doll was created on an assembly line from a mass of melted plastic.
  • Butcher Enemies with Special Moves: Become an unrelenting killer and slay anyone in your path.  Unlock new kill moves, such as the flying corkscrew.
  • Slaughter with Sharp Blades: Upgrade your collection of edged weapons, such as knives, scissors, cleavers, and hatchets. Upgrades increase the experience points per kill or the attack speed for each weapon.
  • Power Up With Batteries: Batteries can also be spent to improve power-ups, such as the battery magnet and auto run, as well as used to buy boosts like extra lives or long starts.

Be sure to check out the teaser trailer below!

If you’re looking to hack and slash, or Slash & Dash, the upcoming Chucky game may be right up your alley!

[Via: Kotaku]

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