Friday Funnies: Hipster Glass Makes Google Glass Cool!

Google Glass has been making inroads into the realm of the fashionable lately. Google’s working with trendy eye wear startup Warby Parker on the next generation of its wearable tech, and last month’s issue of Anna Wintour’s Vogue magazine featured a 12 page spread of models wearing Google Glass inspired headsets. Now a new video from Youtube user hiimrawn, gives a bit of roadmap for marketing Google Glass to that paragon of cool, the hipster.

The video starts out much like Google’s own Glass teaser video from a couple of years back, with a man waking up and throwing on his Glass to start the day. But this is no soullessly sleek modern product. No, Hipster Glass has heart, integrity, taste, and the judgmental nature to save you from your own uncool choices. Before the protagonist’s day even starts Hipster glass saves him from a played out footwear selection and keeps him from entering Starbuck’s in favor of a place with French presses and ironic mugs (which honestly seems a little played out itself).

The gags in the video are mostly great. But where one or two might fall flat, they’re more than made up for with bits that hit the nail on the head so hard that it melts. When hipster glass tells its user to choose Smirnoff because “Icing people is so retro,” I nearly sprayed Rainier out of my nose all over my vintage camera collection. Do yourself a favor and watch this short video below. It’s solid plaid!

[Via: hiimrawn]

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