Video: Watch the NVIDIA Shield Explode Into A Million Pieces!

What’s better than playing the NVIDIA Shield? Duh, blowing it up! Although it pains me to see the awesome piece of hardware blown up into a million pieces, (single tear falls down cheek) explosions are always awesome.

The guys at NVIDIA have breathed new life into the teardown video, by using explosives to examine the insides of the NVIDIA Shield. The crack team of explosive experts start by drilling holes in the Shield, and placing some heavy-duty fireworks in it. You know what happens next….KABOOM!

The explosion is then played back in slow-mo, and the team points out all of the different components of the Shield. Pretty awesome way to do a teardown, if you ask me.

So check it out y’all! The video follows below. And it goes without saying kids, don’t try this at home!

  • El Diablo

    typical nvidia, always catching fire or exploding

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