PayPal revamps its iOS and Android apps

PayPal revamps its iOS and Android apps

PayPal has launched new version of its iOS and Android apps, and they now look better than ever. And we’re not talking about minor tweaks here; rather the whole UI has been revamped from the ground up and many new features have been added to make for a that much better user experience.

From the “Shop” tab you can find shops or restaurants nearby that accept PayPal payments. While there, you can also “check in” and open a tab with a single swipe. There’s also the ability to change how you want to pay from here, providing you with access to your entire wallet in the app. And after you’ve paid, you’ll see PayPal’s confirmation alert and the usual PayPal email receipt. No money to pay? No problem – in the new app, you can open a line of credit using Bill Me Later.

While at a “PayPal friendly” restaurant you can now order ahead and bypass the line. More than a thousand Eat24 locations are already included, with more restaurants and cafes coming soon. Or you can check-in to view your bill, give a tip and pay your restaurant bill through the application. Heck, you can even order another drink from the app at some locations.

Finally, PayPal Offers come included in the new application. $100 is available in your PayPal app from local US businesses, and these offers are automatically redeemed at checkout. Check how it all comes together in the following video.

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    Looking for an older version apk. to download. This POS isn’t ready for prime time, can’t believe they actually released it.

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