I Need My Big Mac NOW – McDonald’s Developing an Ordering App

It might not seem apparent, judging from the crowds at your local McDonald’s, but the gargantuan burger chain is struggling to hold on to the millennial market. It’s tried to appeal to younger crowds with new products like the McWrap, and with weird ads featuring people dressed like hipsters. Now McDonald’s wants to let you dial up diabetes with its new mobile app!

According to Bloomberg, McDonald’s is testing the app in Salt Lake City, Utah and Austin, Texas. The app allows customers to order up all the Big Macs, Apple Pies and Chicken McNuggets their hearts desire through their smart phone. Once an order’s been placed, it can be picked up curbside, at the drive thru window, or inside the McDonald’s restaurant. The payments can be processed through the app too, meaning you’ll hardly have to interact with another human being at all!

It appears McDonalds might have solved its problem with workers striking for a living wage, just make them obsolete!

A memo Bloomberg obtained shows Mickey D’s hopes with the new app, “While many competitors are publicizing their efforts to get an initial foothold in the mobile arena, no one has developed a comprehensive solution that integrates all the opportunities this technology present.”

McDonald’s exec McComb said “We’re always looking at new technologies to make the McDonald’s experience better for our customers. We are testing some of these technologies in a few markets, so it’s premature to speculate on the decisions we may make after the tests, but we’re excited to bring a cutting-edge experience in the future to our customers.”

[Via: Bloomberg]

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