New Google Wallet Android App Allows Payments to Friends, Easy Loyalty Card Access

Google has just introduced a new version of its Wallet app for Android users in the U.S. The update expands on Google’s mobile payment offering by introducing the ability to send money to friends, store and access loyalty cards and displaying all Google Wallet activity from the app.

Google has recently announced the ability to send money in Gmail using Google Wallet, which is now available in the Wallet app. Users can send money to anyone with an e-mail address for free, and with low fees when using a linked debit or credit card. Loyalty cards can now be accessed through the Wallet app, with users only needing to scan the card barcode to add it to their virtual stack of loyalty cards. Google Offers can also be easily accessed, with all selected offers showing up in the Wallet app, no matter which Google service displayed the offer.

Download the new Google Wallet app here and enjoy the new features!

[Via: Google]

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