Nokia To Announce Six New Devices at Nokia World Event on October 22nd

Nokia will be launching six new devices at its Innovation Reinvented event in Abu Dhabi next month on October 22nd, according to The Verge. Along with the new devices will come a host of new accessories.

One of the devices to be released is assumed to be the Nokia Lumia 1520, which is rumored to be coming with a 6-inch full HD screen, fast quad-core chip (possibly a Snapdragon 800), 20-megapixel camera on the back, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. AT&T and Verizon are expected to sell the device.

As for the other devices, we’re at a loss as to what they could be. The new Nokia devices will undoubtedly be Windows Phone devices, one of which could possibly be a Windows Phone tablet. With Nokia’s recent sale of its hardware division to Microsoft, the possibilities of seeing a Windows Phone tablet are better than ever.

We’ll see what Nokia has in store for us on October 22nd at their Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi.

[Via: The Verge]

  • Gregory C Newman

    the Nokia polycarbonate plastic tablet is what I am interested in. it is said to have 4g
    capability and running windows 8.1 RT OS. Microsoft needs a cheaper tablet Product line than it’s top of the line new Surface 2 and Surface Pro-2 Tablets because they cost too much for some people. When Microsoft takes over Nokia’s Feature Cell phones and
    smart phone division Microsoft could refit this tablet with Intel’s best atom or i3 CPU
    circuit boards and cell a cheaper Line of multicolored plastic Tablets that are cheaper than their than the new MS Surface 2 or MS Surface Pro-2 Tablets. Microsoft needs
    this cheaper line of tablets to sell to the masses who are not rich enough to buy their top of the line tablets to get their Windows Mobile tablets ECO system growing.

    • Sudhakaran

      Nokia is dead. So Microsoft soon.

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